We're not sure what it is exactly, but there's something about Keri Russell that kind of makes us love her. It's probably that the Felicity actress lives quietly in Brooklyn with her husband and cute little baby and doesn't seem to have any interest in hitting the increasingly silly celebrity nightlife scene. Plus she has pretty hair. So it's no surprise that we love her even more after reading this brief Stalker sighting (after the jump) in which she drank wine, toked some reefer, and just seemed "normal." Party (sedately) on, Keri:

saw keri russell at the feist concert in prospect park last night. she was with two girlfriends drinking wine and seemingly normal. she also smoked a bowl. she was really skinny and had her hair pulled back. no felicity 'fro.

Sounds pleasant right? Though, points off for the Feist factor and for naming her kid River. Unless it was in tribute to River Phoenix.