Bad news for Real World cast member-turned Congressional candidate (D-Pop Culture) Kevin Powell: Dave Chappelle totally spaced out on Powell's fundraiser in Brooklyn last night, costing him the crucial Chappelle-fan vote! The comedian was supposed to headline the fundraising show, but never appeared, possibly because he is crazy. Then Chris Rock refused to go on too, in solidarity! And it only got worse for Powell: a drunk journalist, for chrissake, tried to grab the mic and steal the show [UPDATE: And there's a video!]:

Stephen Witt, a reporter from the New York Post-owned Courier-Life chain, seized the microphone to try his hand at stand-up comedy during the delay.

"What do you know about Brooklyn 99-cent stores?" asked Witt, who last made headlines for hugging Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner at a 2006 rally. "Have you ever been so broke that you had to put something on lay-away at a 99-cent store?"

Witt's quip was met with boos...

"It was just awkward, and I feel kind of embarrassed for him," said one woman, who said she saw Witt consuming alcohol before his artistic contribution to the evening.

And look, there's a clip!

[Brooklyn Paper]