"Ugly and Dirty... that's all..." someone named "Nahant" wrote on the CityFile profile for a one Peter Davis, the "social queen," fashion writer, and Tinsley Mortimer friend. We think that "Nahant" might be our favorite socialgay Kristian Laliberte (surprise!), who used to date Davis and grew up in the "magical" resort town of Nahant, Massachusetts.

"Nahant Laliberte" is also his Facebook name, and he described his hometown in an interview on Guest of a Guest as "one of the smallest towns in New England, surrounded by beaches, and water, and a tight knit group of close friends."

Huh. Maybe those "close friends" are lucky they're not on Cityfile, because Laliberte—ever the consummate PR professional—has a long and colorful history of calling his dear chums out!