Everything that's old is new again in the gossip world today. Inside Edition is claiming to have "uncovered" something that we posted about two years ago. As we're all painfully and forcibly aware, beachy keen supermodel Christie Brinkley is divorcing her beefy cad of a husband, Peter Cook. Cook is a certified creep who had an affair with a 15-year-old toy store employee and "privately, secretly" masturbated on web cameras, but he was also kind of a hunk back in the day! In 1981 he posed in an itty bitty bathing costume on the cover of GQ and damned if he didn't look good. Now the ever-desperate for scoops Inside Edition, in a press release, is claiming to have unearthed the revealing cover. Except, um, it's not new!

People like us posted the picture two years ago. Hmpf. We don't get no respect. Maybe it's a different cover altogether? Or maybe some old person at the Inside Edition offices was making their first tentative bumblings onto the internet and did an image search for "peter cook," hoping to find photos of the guy who played Prentiss in A Dandy in Aspic, but found the Speedo shot instead. That's sort of uncovering something, albeit in a small, personal, and vaguely sad way. Whatever the explanation, it's a great excuse to run the picture again. [via Queerty]