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♦ Michael Phelps is telling people he's single even though he's actually dating Miss California runner-up Nicole Johnson. [R&M]
Peter Cook's interview with Barbara Walters airs on Friday, but Christie Brinkley's lawyers now say he violated a confidentiality agreement by speaking with the network. [OK!, ABC News]
♦ Hugh Hefner says his relationship with Holly Madison began to crumble six months ago when they found out his sperm count was too low to father any kids. Also, he's already auditioning new girlfriends. [E!]
Anna Wintour's latest celebrity obsession? Gerard Butler. [P6]

♦ In other Gerard Butler news, the Brit actor punched a paparazzo in the face on Tuesday, although those who saw the incident says he was provoked. [TMZ]
Anne Hathaway supposedly donated all the gifts Raffaello Follieri gave her during their relationship to the Red Cross. [In Touch]
♦ Brangelina Update: The entire family was last spotted getting out of a jet in Nice, France, yesterday morning. [In Touch]
♦ Is Andre Balazs dating Renee Zellweger? [R&M]
Beyonce tells Essence that she and Jay-Z both have the roman numeral IV tattooed on their fingers because they were both born on the fourth of the month and they got married on April 4th. [ET]
♦ Ricky Gervais had a gym set up inside his New York apartment because he's "too embarassed to work out in public." [The Sun]
Diddy was pissed after John McCain called Barack Obama "the one" during Tuesday night's debate, so he made a video and posted it on YouTube. [Radar]
♦ Britney Spears' lawyer rejected a plea deal that would give her a year's probation for driving without a license yesterday. He thinks she should get a $10 fine instead. Also, Britney's Escalade was involved in a traffic accident yesterday, although she wasn't driving at the time. [E!, Us]
♦ The doorman at a Melrose Avenue bar wouldn't let Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson in because they didn't have IDs. [People]
♦ A judge has barred Lil' Kim from recording any new music until she settles the breach-of-contract lawsuit filed against her by her record label. [NYDN]
♦ Jamie-Lynn Spears' reps are denying she's pregnant again. And she tells OK! that she and Casey Aldridge definitely will not be getting married anytime soon. [NYDN]
Meryl Streep's daughter Grace Gummer is launching her acting career by starring in an "erotically charged" drama. [P6]
♦ Jason Priestley is directing an episode of the new 90210 series. [People]
♦ DJ AM's friends are throwing him a benefit concert on October 14th. [People]
♦ 48-year-old Carol Alt is posing nude in the November issue of Playboy. [P6]
♦ Lily Allen was finally granted a US visa yesterday, which means she's coming back to tour in the States. [People]
♦ John Cusack's alleged stalker, who was arrested in March, is headed to court on Friday. [E!]
♦ Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal's parents are getting a divorce. [In Touch]
♦ A month after he was arrested with his dad for drug possession, a judge has sentenced Redmond O'Neal to a two-week stint in rehab. [E!]
Jon Stewart really really really doesn't want Sarah Palin to be the next vice president. [R&M]