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Why would VMware push out cofounder Diane Greene — heretofore remarkably successful — at the software company's very first sign of trouble? It's not like Microsoft's entry into VMware's market, which helped knock down VMware's high-flying stock, was unexpected. One theory: Joe Tucci, the CEO of EMC, which owns 86 percent of VMware, holds a personal grudge against Greene and took the opportunity push his rival out.

As early as September 2007 — when analysts began wondering how long it would be before VMware's market capitalization would outgrow EMC's — rumor had it a rivalry of intense personal animosity was brewing between Greene and Tucci. Tucci supposedly disdained Greene's intense managerial style, one that would, according to Vance, have employees "going into meetings with Greene and crawling into their foxholes, hoping to avoid being struck by criticism or worse, a tirade." Vance posits that as VMware grew to be EMC's growth engine, Greene got too heady in her power and turned some of that intensity toward her sort of, kind of, not-really-because-he-needs-me-more-than-I-need-him boss, Tucci. If so, it's hard to think of anyone more deserving, since Tucci's no wallflower himself. Anyone have good Greene stories? Or Tucci tales? Send them in. (Photo by AP/Risberg)