Lindsay Lohan's lesbian relationship is now so open that girlfriend Samantha Ronson has even put up a photo of the two kissing on her MySpace page. So why did it take so long for everybody to recognize that the troubled starlet and the Ronson family spinner were a couple? It was waaay back in summer 2007 that Star first reported how the new couple supposedly kept the fires burning by exchanging sexually charged messages on MySpace. And it's not as if the public has an aversion to hot girl-on-girl action. Famous girls no less! One of which you don't even have to imagine naked! Why the lag?

1. Because of all those celebrity fauxmances

Before Scarlett Johansson was having a supposed email affair with the Democratic nominee she was comparing cup size or at least exchanging some intense glances with her The Other Boleyn Girl co-star Anne Natalie Portman in the pages of W magazine. But that didn't pan out! And don't even get us started on the possibility of a Scarlett - Penelope Cruz affair that was fueled by the steamy trailer for Woody Allen's movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona. We don't want to have to say it. Okay, we'll say it: caliente! Also, back in the day, Penelope and sexy pal Salma Hayek were rumored to be much more than friends. But now Penelope is with some actor dude and didn't Salma recently had a kid with some rich dude. It's going to take a lot more than kissing in public to make us buy a girl-girl star coupling.

2. Because they didn't try to hide it

Plenty of people have had secret affairs they want to cover up (and we're not just talking about Republicans). But Lindsay and Samantha came up with a new way to keep their obviously hot 'n heavy relationship under wraps. By cavorting in public! It's genius. Why would we think she's gay? After all, this ex-rehabber is well versed in the machinations of the celebrity industrial complex - and she has a reputation to protect. Still, she stepped out with her girl toy, getting burgers, holding hands, buying groceries. Regular people do that stuff - not famous lesbians.

3. Because Samantha's not that cute

There. We said it. Not that Long Island Lindsay is really Marilyn Monroe's heir apparent or anything, but the ugly-black-hat-and-sweater-vest wearing DJ is not even the best looking person in her weird family. Could LaLohan really be going out with...her?

4. Because all the gossip blogs said it was so

You just don't buy the whole gay celeb thing when it's shove down your throat. Call it a healthy distrust of the celebrity blogosphere made skeptical by all those crudely drawn sex organs Perez Hilton puts on peoples' faces. A pair of girls or guys can stand within five feet of each other and not set off our gaydar, people. And just because two stars of a popular TV show about New York private school kids decided to shack up, it's no biggie. Wait, that one's obviously true.

Well despite our best efforts not to believe it, now it's really out there. Of course we had our LinRon coming out as well when we labeled Lindsay a gay hero (and at this point she's shooting up our hero list - probably somewhere between Sponge Bob and T.R. Knight). And now it looks like as if the world's most closeted out couple are finally done with the charade.

Not content to just allow the pictures and blogs speak for themselves, LiLo's doing some talking. It's been reported that Lindsay was overheard at her 22nd birthday party telling friends: "I just wanna live a happy, healthy year, continue on the path that I've been on and be with the person that I care about." And the gossip press will just have to accept that Lindsay's here, she's queer-and not just for our titillation.