1938 Media is a one-man videoblog run by Loren Feldman. The guy is funny, in that edgily-offensive way that makes you wonder when someone's going to punch him in the face. Last week, Verizon cut a deal with Feldman to market his videos on Verizon phones and broadband connections — a big win for a one-man act. But eight days later, 1938's clips are gone from Verizon. The reason? A backlash from activist groups who've branded Feldman's shtick as racist. A year ago, Feldman posted "TechNigga," in which he pandered to stereotypes in an attempt to parody TechCrunch. The video wasn't in Verizon's collection of 1938 clips, and Feldman long ago made his apologies. Protesters don't care. Watch the first 1:05 of "TechNigga" and you'll understand everything.