Howard Wolfson, the Hillary Clinton surrogate whose many television appearances were second in embarrassment only to Terry McAuliffe's, has a new job! The former communications director is taking his message of Cosby sweater-inspired victory to Fox News, where they continue to find new and inventive ways of hating the Clintons, like by parading their vanquished aides before the nation. Clinton's campaign came to believe that Fox was more fair to her during the primary campaign, mostly because they never tired of beating up on Obama and his pastor or whatever. Wolfson, recently named "the most charmless human being on the planet," is excited to bring his tireless advocacy for failure to the fair and balanced network.

"I thought that Fox's coverage during the primary was comprehensive and fair and evenhanded," Mr. Wolfson said Monday in a telephone interview from Liverpool, England, where he was vacationing. "It's a huge audience, and it is important to have a strong, progressive voice on the network."

We recently declared that the indiest flack was widely reviled by the press it was his job to manage, but that was perhaps inaccurate. Wolfson—also voted "one of the least helpful spokesmen [The Economist] has ever encountered"—got on great with the traveling press corps. It was only when reporters from outside that bubble tried to pry anything useful from him that he clammed up.

But strenuous unpleasantness will fit in just fine on Fox, a place where Karl Rove comes off as charming and even-handed.

Now Harold Ickes, Mark Penn, and Terry McAuliffe will all join the staff of the Weekly Standard.