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Traffic to RockYou's popular Facebook widget Super Wall declined from 2.1 million to 600,000 daily users over the last few days, as Facebook blocked the widget from sending users notifications and messages, claiming RockYou had violated Facebook's privacy policies. RockYou CTO Jia Shen told Inside Facebook the allegations and their punitive response are "slightly debatable":

There are policies Facebook has issued, but there is always room for interpretation - and in light of current changes, the interpretation is a lot more stringent now in contrast to before.

Facebook's probably getting strict because its preparing for a relaunch of its design in July. Or — and this pure speculation — the third-party security firm Rock You's rival Slide hired to audit its own privacy might have gotten paid a little extra to take a close look at the competition and alert Facebook to any infractions. We wouldn't put it past hypercompetitive Slide founder Max Levchin and his crafty sidekick, Keith Rabois.