The feel-good issue of Italian Vogue featuring all black models in honor of Obama is about to hit the newsstands, washing away the last remnants of racial strife in the world. But some people are asking: why do they have to do the all-black issue during the slowest time of the year for magazines? Why not put it out in the busy season and really make a statement? We hate to even suggest it, but could it have something to do with... money?

Jeff Bercovici points out that the April cover of Vogue with Lebron James (a black man) was the magazine's worst-selling April cover since 2001. They tried! Scrap the experiment! The world isn't ready for black people in fashion!

Of course, the best solution to all of this would be to let black people be models in high fashion magazines as a matter of course, just like everybody else. No need for a special occasion to run topless Naomi Campbell photos. And as pointing-out machine Bercovici also points out, Vogue's worst-selling issue of the year so far had Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover. Failure brings us all together!

[Faded Youth, Mixed Media]