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Rachael Ray's reps are denying reports that Ray has throat cancer, although they do admit she's having surgery for a cyst on her vocal cord in December. [People]
♦ It was a busy weekend for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. With hoards of paparazzi in tow, the couple made an appearance at the premiere of Changeling, where Angelina showed off her newest tattoos (the coordinates of the places where each of her kids was born) and told reporters that she and Brad are planning to have even more kids. [NYDN, OK!, previously]
Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky tied the knot on Friday night at Le Cirque with Billy Joel performing in front of guests like Denise Rich, Joan Rivers, Barbara Walters, and Donald Trump. [NYP, Us]
♦ A fire at Geraldo Rivera's home on Friday didn't singe his mustache, but it did damage the two 1954 Jaguars in his garage. [P6]

Alex Rodriguez was spotted sneaking into Madonna's Central Park West building on Thursday. [P6]
♦ Samantha Ronson has paid Perez Hilton $86,000 to cover the legal bills he incurred when she sued him for libel in 2007. [E!]
♦ The Church of Scientology is supposedly trying to reach out to Amy Winehouse. [Mirror]
♦ Music manager Johnny Wright denies he ever had any interest in repping Ali Lohan, despite the rumors Dina was spreading last month. [P6]
♦ Janet Jackson is canceling yet another concert date—her fourth—due to an illness she still hasn't identified. [NYDN]
♦ Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol and her baby-daddy Levi Johnston are apparently planning to get married next summer. [Us]
♦ Quincy Jones and Wynton Marsalis are apparently feuding over whether hip hop should be played at Lincoln Center. [R&M]
♦ Good news for anyone who cares: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are no longer on the outs. [P6]
♦ Sharon Stone fired her longtime publicist Cindi Berger after she lost custody of her son Roan last week, although nobody's sure why Cindi got blamed for the custody mess. [P6]
♦ Eddie Van Halen is engaged to his publicist, Janie Liszewski. [People]
♦ When is the Apocalypse coming? Take this info into consideration: Paris Hilton says she wants to start having children within the next year or two. [People]