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Some folks are just lucky. Susan Wojcicki, for example, rented her garage to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and thereby got a job working at Google before its IPO, where she went on to take undeserved credit for one of Google's key products. And then there are Wojcicki's four children, fortunate in their own right. Not only did they get lavish Reggio Emilia childcare designed by their mom, on her employer's dime — now it turns out they're getting a trust fund, too.

The Dennis Troper & Susan Wojcicki Children's Trust — Troper, Wojcicki's husband, also conveniently works at Google — filed in May to sell $1.2 million in Google shares. Which raises the question: Why do they need Google-subsidized, mommy-approved childcare? With that much in the bank, the kids could cut Mom out of the equation and hire their own nanny. It would be a lot cheaper than Google's gold-plated daycare, which reportedly costs the company$50,000 per kid per year.