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Admit it. You've been wondering what John McCain eats for breakfast. The answer? Coffee, cereal, and fruit. (No, not babies.) Barack Obama gobbles down four to six eggs, potatoes, and wheat toast, and occasionally adds fruit, bacon, and oatmeal to the menu. (How does he stay so thin?) We certainly didn't see this one coming, but Tom Brokaw says he's a granola and yogurt kind-of-guy. Maureen Dowd? "I don't eat breakfast. Just coffee." A few other breakfast choices of media and political types after the jump.

- Bill Hemmer: "Latte, whole milk. Two bananas."
- Christopher Hitchens: "Old-fashioned Irish oatmeal with salt, plus espresso and two squeezed oranges..."
- Howard Kurtz: "A bowl of Frosted Flakes at my computer."
- Jim Lehrer: "Sometimes, an open-face cheese sandwich."
- Dan Rather: "Oatmeal with blueberries and 1 percent milk, one slice of dry whole-wheat toast, and a glass of milk or tomato juice."

CNN's John Roberts seems to have the most complicated breakfast routine:

I do breakfast in two phases: my 3:00 a.m. breakfast and my post-show chow-down. Most mornings I start with a bowl of healthful cereal. Occasionally, I'll treat myself to an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese; that and a few cups of coffee get me through the show. After nine, I head up to the CNN cafeteria for one of Sonja's fabulous omelettes: ham, jalapeños, a bit of bacon, broccoli, and cheddar. Top that off with some hash browns, and I'm ready for the day."

Don't you feel better now that you know all that?

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