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The upcoming remake of Beverly Hills: 90210 is continuing the process of putting its out-of-work alumni back in business. Spurned by producers for just being her normal bratty self back in 1994, Shannen Doherty is reportedly in talks to join Jennie Garth and return the characters that launched each of them into the zeitgeist back in the early `90s. But despite Shannen and Jennie's overenthusiastic acknowledgment that they’ve got nothing better to do, not every cast member is so eager to pull the trigger and willingly euthanize their own careers. Which stars are only contributing to the remake in off-screen roles, and which are phoning in Hell Nos from Italy as they shoot far more important Hallmark Channel movies, after the jump.

Garth was the first desperado to sign on and, unlike newly departed Tori Spelling, the always awesome Joe E. Tata is still rumored to be on board as the Peach Pit’s warm and fuzzy overlord Nat once again. But, sadly, he will not be reuniting with star employeee Brandon — Jason Priestley will not be growing out his sideburns to enlighten us on the Walsh heir's dark descent into drugs and liquor while living outside the fading marquee of his failed After Party club franchise. But he will direct! As for Luke Perry, the failed Broadway star is way too busy to even give a return to the only show anyone remembers him for a moment's pause. He's starring opposite C. Thomas Howell in made-for-TV Westerns! Leave him alone! He's got cheaper budgets and lower ratings records to focus on!