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There are lies, damn lies, and budgets. Wikipedia users donate money to the Wikimedia Foundation under the ruse that most of the cash goes to buy and run servers. Ha! As Danny Wool, a former administrator of the nonprofit, points out, that's hardly the case. In fact, out of a projected $4.6 million budget, nearly $1.7 million for tech over the last year never got spent. But executive director Sue Gardner, who was handpicked (and hand-who knows what else) by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, can't be blamed for that: She doesn't run the site's tech, which is overseen by the nonprofits' pro-pedophilia deputy director, Erik Möller. Was he too busy editing Wikipedia entries about child sexuality under secret accounts to stop and buy a few servers? Who knows.

Gardner did, however overspend by $60,000 in finance and administration — a sum which Wool believes mostly went to Mona Venkateswaran, whom he describes as a "crony" of Gardner's from the Canadian Broadcasting Company, where Gardner previously worked. One wonders if Venkateswaran's financial-accountant charter is good enough to let her verify this calculation: Instead of 61 percent of every donated dollar going to support Wikipedia's technology and programs to support its mission, only about 35 percent did.