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The good news about this blind item in today’s NY Daily News? So many clues! Details and hints abound, from gender to marital status to what the estranged stars claim they “do” for a living. The bad news? Even when a blind item seems so specific and easy to see through, the gossip itself just doesn’t make sense. Case in point:

”Which singing ex-husband of an A-list actress would rather have people think he's gay than admit that he cheated on her with a groupie?”

Okay, so coming up with three prime suspects is the first hurdle, but trying to imagine any of these guys meriting actual groupies? Who are these women? See what we mean after the jump.

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Julia Roberts' honky tonk ex Lyle Lovett was hated on mostly for not being as pretty as his toothy wife, and Chris Robinson has made an effort to publicly make out with brunettes in an effort to prove he's moved on from Kate Hudson. And as we said, we find it hard to believe that throngs of busty female fans are heaving themselves into either song-and-dance man's dressing room. Which, naturally, leads us to vanilla-scented candle fan Kenny Chesney, the "fraud" long suspected of favoring boys over the likes of ex Renee Zellweger. Chesney has been outed so often that he felt the need to appear alongside totally manly Anderson Cooper last year and de-out himself, only to appear that much more out. Still, even with the possibility that Chesney may attract a groupie here and there, is Renee Zellweger so scary that a country singer would rather appear gay than ruffle her feathers? Oh right. Nevermind.

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