In honor of National Bikini Month, the boys at Entertainment Weekly have addressed themselves to the grueling task of selecting the 18 most iconic movie bikinis of all time. Undeniably, the bikini is the hardest working garment in show business. It must lift, separate and support women during tasks as varied as killing soviet spies and washing high performance automobiles. Truly it is the king of sportswear garments that are barely more than lingerie. Now, to the list!

Most of the classics make it: Princess Leia in the gold bikini, Ursula Andress in the white bikini, Phoebe Cates in the about-to-be-removed bikini. There were some real surprises, too. Shirley MacLaine in John Goldfarb, Please Come Home? I had no idea! But the egregious omission was Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine, a fine film about a mad scientist who attempts to take over the planet using really, really hot robots.

And, also, Jane Fonda in On Golden Pond. Yes, it is a movie about dementia, but it's a movie about dementia with some nice bikini shots.

Any others missing?

(And is it just coincidence that Pam Anderson's birthday falls in National Bikini Month?)