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This isn't going to be a fun day for Rudy Giuliani. The Times today has the details on Russell Harding, who served as a senior official in the Giuliani administration before he was convicted on a series of charges, including embezzling $400,000 and possessing child pornography. It turns out that Harding has started up a blog,, and he's made a series of eye-opening allegations on the site, like how Rudy demanded that Judi Giuliani have a full-time NYPD security detail and how Judi was "abusive" toward the officers assigned to protect her. (She also made them carry her purse. Ouch.) But Harding's most salacious allegations detail how Giuliani managed to snag his then-mistress a ridiculously cheap apartment.

Harding claims that back in 1999, Rudy's chief of staff, Tony Carbonetti, called him one day and instructed him to use his contacts to find Nathan a two-bedroom apartment "near Gracie." She'd only be willing to pay $1,500 a month for the place, though, and she'd need to be able to see a selection of places so she could pick the one she liked the best. Harding claims he reached out to Jeff Blau, a top exec at the Related Company, who arranged for Nathan to move into an apartment at 200 E. 94th Street that had been set aside for a low-income tenant. She later wrangled two free parking spaces in the building even though that wasn't part of the deal—the Garage wasn't even controlled by Related—and later "threw a fit and became highly belligerent" when the manager of the garage had the audacity to present her with a bill.

It's all amusing stuff. Of course, you'll have to take Harding's tales with a grain of salt. Reps for Giuliani claim that Harding tried to blackmail the former mayor by asking for money when he was released from prison late last year, suggesting if he didn't get the cash, he'd write a book. (Apparently the book deal never panned out and he turned to blogging instead.) And then there's the fact that he's been busted for kiddie porn, which doesn't exactly boost his credibility. Then again Judi Giuliani once tortured dogs for a living so we'd never be the ones to underestimate her capacity for evil.

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