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Serena Williams is 27 today. Others celebrating: Music exec Andre Harrell is 48, Christina Milian is 27, former New Jersey governor Christine Todd Whitman is 62, Olivia Newton-John is 60, and Linda Hamilton turns 52. Two figures on the New York web scene will be blowing out candles this evening: Gothamist co-founder Jen Chung is 32. And founder Rufus Griscom is 41. Weekend birthdays after the jump!

Saturday: Gwyneth Paltrow will be 36. Public radio host Leonard Lopate will turn 68. Martha Stewart's daughter, Alexis Stewart, will be 43. Avril Lavigne will turn 24. Third Eye Blind's Steven Jenkins will be 44. And blogger Jason Kottke will celebrate his 35th.

Sunday: Hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones will be 54. Fellow hedge funder Lief Rosenblatt will turn 55. MoMA director Glenn Lowry will be 54. Naomi Watts will turn 40. Artist David Salle will be 56. Hilary Duff will be 21. Janeane Garofalo will turn 44. Dita Von Teese will be 36. Bam Margera wil turn 29. Brigitte Bardot will turn 74 years old. And New York's most prominent prostate surgeon, Peter Scardino, will be 63.