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Hopefully BBC America won't waste too much time before importing (newlywed!) Simon Doonan's TV series Beautiful People, based on his memoir about escaping from Reading, England to London, LA, and, finally, New York. The show, which is about to air in the UK is "just the most brilliant, hilarious thing that has ever happened to me," Doonan tells the Guardian. "It's the cherry on the cake of my tawdry existence!"

He also has some reassuring words for fans of his Barneys window displays, who can rest assured that no matter what happens with the country's economy, he will prevail: When the store was declared bankrupt in 1996, he carried on dressing the windows, "and I did them on very little money and very resourcefully. I can make a window out of anything!"

Laura Barton talks to Simon Doonan on window-dressing for Barneys, New York and his new TV series [Guardian]