Some conservative pundits are, all of a sudden, understandably pissed at Democrat Al Gore for — well, maybe for not winning the White House for the liberals eight years ago or something? Or because they are jealous of Gore's Nobel Peace Prize, Oscar, and Emmy. Or maybe because they think Barack Obama will give Gore the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to someday become vice president. Anyway, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia just told Britain's Telegraph that Gore was a big baby who should have taken his unfair 2000 presidential defeat in stride like a real man, such as Richard Nixon. Since he had to wuss out and ask the Supreme Court to intervene, Scalia can't be held responsible for the ruling that ensued. Kind of a weird take from a guy now pimping a book called "The Art of Persuading Judges." But Scalia is not the only right-winger trashing Gore in the media lately. Here's an amazing, month-old clip in which Gore is accused of crushing the hopes of a Holocaust hero:

The commentator, conservative Glenn Beck, said in this Headline News commentary that "it is despicable" that Irena Sendler did not win the Nobel Peace Prize after smuggling 2,500 Jewish children out of a Nazi ghetto. She was caught by the Gestapo but survived to the end of World War II, only to die after losing the big Nobel contest to "Al Gore and his movie about a slideshow."


(This clip is very popular on global warming denial websites.)