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Our correspondent Melissa Gira and former contributor Megan McCarthy have successfully infiltrated the controversial Girl Geek Dinner, and pictures will be plentiful if this first photograph is any indication. Updates as they come in via SMS.

6:52pm PST Room is packed to capacity.

6:53 Cyan [Banister, founder of Zivity]: Her hope is that this event creates more engineers.

7:00 Any kerfuffling about porn has mellowed into a slideshow about the Facebook platform API. Just like any typical tech networking event, a pitch is difficult to sex up, and that's just fine.

7:14 If anything, there's likely more porn talk going on across town at the "Girl Geek Revolution" counter-event, promoted as a porn-free alternative.

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Our eagle-eyed correspondent spots a rare Chanel handbag.

7:18 Ostentatious purses, shiny patent heels in the minority. Most in sweaters, flats and not much Twittering, either.

7:22 For a woman-centric San Francisco event, way more South Asian women than the typical "inclusive" yadda yadda.

7:25 A Cal Berkeley student [Alina Libova] gets applause for selling her Easter Eggs application. Overheard: "At least someone's monetizing."

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Easter Eggs Facebook app creator Alina Libova, center, in white blouse.

7:26 Standing room only as the women who worked late pour in.

7:32 Acquisition market for Facebook applications? Easter Egg developers got twenty inquiries after handful of posts on Facebook seeking a sale.

7:39 Male count: twelve.

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Zivity's geekification weapons include a "Speak 'N Math."

7:51 Zivity photography in photo booth only, "with a Tie fighter!" Photos will appear on Girl Geek DInners' Facebook group and the Girl Geek site — not on Zivity, Banister assures.

8:12 Postgame talk with Banister: The "Alt" Girl Geek Dinner organizers invited her over, and she looks forward to talking with Mary [Hodder, Dabble founder].

8:17 Also, just saying, no line for the women's room, so save the jokes.

8:38 No one has mentioned the Zivity controversy. I'm almost nervous that I'm putting it in their mouths.

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Across from the Girl Geek Dinner, the notorious Market Street Cinema.

8:44 Jessica Santana of [sustainable IT provider] Inveneo had heard word none of porn panic; we talk localization and mobile in dev world instead. Little burgers are little, tasty.

9:11 Megan's out, I'm done tilting at the actual porn theatre across the way. Inside, here, there, it's all just women at work.

9:35 Too late to hit the "Girl Geek Revolution" alt dinner. Still, as my girl Emma Goldman would say, "If I can't make porn, I don't want to be part of your revolution."