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Yahoo is about to perform that dreaded big-tech-company maneuver, the "reorg." For you young-uns who don't get why reorg is such a scary word: Think massive layoffs, lost mortgages, and people like your parents with no back-to-school money for brats like you. Multiply by 10,000-plus. I can only wish a soft landing for the folks who designed, built and shipped Yahoo's new search engine interface, and the marketers who dreamed up those radio ads that got me to — I can't believe I'm admitting this on a blog — actually use Yahoo to find stuff.

This is my first afternoon back at the 'Wag, so I've got nothing to report that pint-sized supersleuth Kara Swisher hasn't already posted. (Note to Swisher: Great job! Now please stop patting yourself on the back, it's embarrassing.)

The only other journo as obsessed with Yahoo is Valleywag's editor-on-vacation Owen Thomas. I thumb-typed Owen to deliver Valleywag's official analysis from fog-free Florida. "I don't think of this reorg as a layoff," Owen replied. "I think this is more about promoting those who don't have enough sense to leave. I mean, the more power Sue Decker has, the worse Yahoo gets. Why is she still there?"