Vanity Fair's Dominick Dunne was taken to a Las Vegas hospital today after he fell ill while watching the O.J. Simpson trial. [AP]
♦ passed TMZ last month for the first time with 11.5 million visitors, thanks to pics of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's newborns. [WWD]
♦ Hard to believe it if you've been watching the news this past week, but financial journalists say they're "parsing their words with unusual care." [NYT]
♦ MTV has given the greenlight to a "sex-themed series for teens and their parents" featuring Dr. Drew Pinsky. [THR]

♦ The Seattle Times is the second paper to issue an early presidential endorsement. It's supporting Obama, not surprisingly. [E&P]
♦ GM is cutting its ad budget and skipping the Super Bowl. [AdAge]
♦ The political website has plans to expand after the presidential election. [NYT]
♦ The nominations for best magazine cover of the year are out. [MPA]
♦ A recap of Emmy winners. [NYT]