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Katherine Heigl's constant bids to control her husband Josh "Call Me Joshua" Kelley's A.D.D. addled life is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Whether it's explaining to David Letterman that the house that the newlyweds live in is most certainly hers or confiding to Oprah that she's not even really sure if she'll like Joshua once she gets to know him, we are firmly settled into Month Six of what's come to be known as "The Emasculation Of Joshua" tour. However, just when you thought that she would tone things down a smidge, Heigl's controlling ways took new life when her not-at-all-whipped "rocker" husband took to the stage at Hollywood's Hotel Café on Friday night. According to a tipster for People:

Katherine Heigl was front and center at [Joshua Kelley's] intimate gig. The Grey's Anatomy star sat with a girlfriend, and shouted out requests for songs.

Isn't that rich? Just two weeks removed from her very public show of non-support for the writers on Grey's, now she's showing up at Joshua's concerts thinking she's "Colonel" Tom Parker when she's really just Penny Lane. But then again, Joshua isn't really doing anything to help his case. The same People tipster reports Joshua not only inserted his cash cow bitchy blonde bride's name into several of his songs, but he also told a story on stage about how he "curled her hair" before that night's show.

While we're all for displays of affection that involve pampering (Kevin Costner painting Susan Sarandon's toenails in Bull Durham comes to mind), this is the kind of picture that makes us want to write our Congressperson to have them repeal some of our nation's privacy laws. Because if a paparazzo could legally climb on top of a garbage can to make his way into a tree near a window of Heigl's house (remember, it is her house) in order to capture a shot of Joshua removing curlers from Katherine's hair while she chain smokes Virginia Slims, then I think we'd all agree that our collective loss of privacy would be worth it. Totally worth it.

[Photo Credit: Flynet]