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"Coverage of the war in Afghanistan has increased slightly this year, with 46 minutes of total coverage year-to-date compared with 83 minutes for all of 2007. NBC has spent 25 minutes covering Afghanistan, partly because the anchor Brian Williams visited the country earlier in the month. Through Wednesday, when an ABC correspondent was in the middle of a prolonged visit to the country, ABC had spent 13 minutes covering Afghanistan. CBS has spent eight minutes covering Afghanistan so far this year." That is from Brian Stelter's remarkable story in the New York Times which is actually entirely about Lara Logan's appearance on The Daily Show. So. No one cares about the war(s) anymore! Until a hot lady shames us in a sexy accent.

Straight men across the nation sat up and took notice when Lara Logan told Jon Stewart that it was impossible to get her stories on the air at CBS News. How could that be, they all asked, when she is so adorable? Americans apparently don't want to hear that more of us died in Afghanistan than in Iraq last month even if that news comes from a total cutie!

Even Frank Rich noticed!

So now it is your patriotic duty to express outrage about this, even though dude, you totally have no chance with her.