Wow, media baroness Arianna Huffington really knows how to lay on the cloak and dagger stuff. You'll recall how the recent death of NBC newsman Tim Russert, followed by the Huffington Post publisher saying very little about him, reminded everyone that Russert and Huffington had a big, 15-year feud involving a scandalous takedown of Huffington written for Vanity Fair by Russert's wife. Everyone was also reminded of allegations by Republican strategist Ed Rollins (denied by Huffington) that she once hired a private investigator to tail Russert's wife and also once launched a surveillance team of close to 12 "security operatives" to find the illegal nanny of her husband's opponent in his senate campaign. Well, now Huffington's given a wide-ranging interview to the Chicago Tribune titled "Snoop Patrol" that only makes her sound like even more of a shadow lurker.

In between innocuous revelations — Huffington listens to meditation tapes, collects dolls (sort of), likes cheese and just bought an espresso machine — is this casual mention of a SECRET HIDDEN BACK ROOM in her house:

Weirdest thing about (or in) your home: The upstairs office, hidden behind a bookshelf. I had it installed since I work at home. ... If you close the wood-paneled door covered by a painting of two Venetian cardinals, you'd never guess there's an entire office behind the bookcase.

An entire office tucked behind a bookshelf? Sounds like someone's been collecting some solid counter-surveillance advice!

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