Former supermodel Christie Brinkley-and her lawyer-want you, me, and everyone else to know what a prick her ex, teen-screwing architect Peter Cook, really is. "The couple, who are due in court to hammer out custody issues on July 2, went to New York's supreme court on Thursday in an attempt to settle an escalating argument over whether their case be held in private. Interestingly Brinkley, 54, is fighting to have the proceedings open to the media-a tactic, sources say, designed to embarrass the 49-year-old architect who two years ago was discovered having an affair with his 18-year-old assistant. 'Only the full and unfiltered truth may restore to Christie and her family their reputation,' her lawyer, Robert Cohen said last week, adding: 'Frankly, his long affair with a teenaged girl is only the tip of the iceberg.'"

"Sources who have seen some of the files report that Brinkley will accuse Cook of trawling porn sites, including swinger sites, in search of sex partners. He also regularly logged on to swinger sites in search of women, the source claimed.

"Cook's attorney is arguing that the emotional damage of airing these complaints publically would be devastating to the couple's two children-Sailor, 9, and Jack, 12-whom Cook legally adopted.

"'The father obviously wants this closed,' said his lawyer Norman Sheresky. 'There are two young kids in this case... I don't know what they know and I don't know of any parent who has made an appeal to keep the court open.'

"The judge's ruling is expected early next week." [Independent]