On Tuesday, we explained Arianna Huffington's decade-spanning feud with Tim Russert. On Wednesday, we explored the orginal article that sparked it. Today, for the hell of it, another passage from the book that reported the blog mistress's alleged hiring of a private investigator to tail Tim Russert's wife. The book is Bare Knuckles and Back Rooms by Republican strategist Ed Rollins, who ran the Senate campaign of then-Huffington husband Michael. Click through to read the thrilling tale of Dianne Feinstein's Magical Illegal Nanny!

The book is roundly, universally cruel to Arianna.

Arianna Huffington had charmed me out of my socks to get me to manage her husband's campaign. But in a few short months, I'd come to realize that she was the most ruthless, unscrupulous, and ambitious person I'd met in thirty years in national politics-not to mention that she sometimes seemed truly pathological. Her allure and style were only a veneer: the soul of a wily sorceress lurked beneath.

Jeez. It's worth mentioning, of course, that after this debacle, Rollins went on to work for Katherine Harris in her disastrous Senate campaign. Until he quit and leaked terrible shit to newspapers. Rollins has a nasty habit of losing political campaigns and then blaming ambitious women, right? (Though in the Harris case, well, that was definitely her fault. She's fucking nuts.)