Racist ladies and gentlemen, we present to you your new slur for 'white people': "'Nilla." No longer will you be forced to muck by with the outdated "honky" or the bland "whitey." 'Nilla (first suggested by racial innovator Sarcastro) won in a landslide decision over runner-up slur "Altoid," capturing more than 80% of the vote. It's an apt choice. The term's obvious parallels to an already existing racial slur ensure that you will never be safe saying it-in fact, shouting "'Nilla" in a crowded area almost guarantees that you will offend everybody present, one way or another. So it has the best quality of any slur: it should never be said. Seriously, don't say it-or any other slurs-and we'll all get along in peace and harmony. Good job!