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We can now joyfully report that Jamie Lynn Spears, 17-year-old sister to Britney and an accomplished children's TV star in her own right, has delivered her first child at Mississippi Southwest Regional Medical Center in McComb, Us reports. It's a healthy girl, named Maddie, weighing in at 7 lbs., 11 ounces. New-Spears-Family-Member fun facts after the jump!

Maddie already excels at pointe, tap, jazz, liturgical, and belly dance styles, and, even more impressively, has in her few short hours on the planet already completed the "Comfort For The Camera," "Selling Yourself," and "Just Us Kids!" classes at the Sid Mamane Lil' Stars Acting Studio in Pacoima. Congratulations to all, and if we could wish the family one thing, it's for a life far from the pole for their precious little one. (Oh, and that paparazzi helicopters don't ruin the Bapt'sm BBQ Hoedown later this month.)