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Board members, employees, shareholders and now Congressional lawmakers wonder whether Yahoo CEO made the right call outsourcing Yahoo search ads to Google. Yang is in Washington to answer their concerns, meeting with Senator Herb Kohl (D.-Wisc.) and Senator Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) yesterday. Later this week, he'll meet with Representative Joe Barton (R.-Texas), who earlier wrote a letter to Yang asking him to explain how the deal won't "have an anticompetitive impact on the online-search market, including the pricing of online-search advertising."

That's going to be a tough one for Yang, because, well, the whole point of doing the Google deal is that Google is better at charging advertisers more — we've heard about 25 percent more — than Yahoo used to for the same search ads. And then there's the fact that Yang knows next to nothing about online advertising, or economics, or running a multinational corporation, or antitrust law, or politics. Or anything, really, besides "bleeding purple."