Boy, you just know that when you see the headline "RACE-CARD JOKER DUG OWN GRAVE" above that photo of Post columnist Andrea Peyser that you are in for a treat. And she does not disappoint! Former Mets manager Willie Randolph, see, was whiny and overpaid and complained far too often that people were racist to him. When he was asked why the Mets own cable station was so mean to him all the time, he foolishly said something about how black people are held to higher standards. Or, as Peyser puts it, he "channeled Jesse Jackson and stabbed at the heart of fans, colleagues, and the entire colorblind game we call baseball." Ha, we forgot that professional sports is a post-racial utopia where white fans, owners, and media figures don't consider black athletes to be ungrateful overpaid savages. This all raises a question that the media's been really into tackling lately: why are black people so angry? In the attached clip, the noted racial experts at Fox News attempt to find the answer!

It begins with Cal Thomas, the Fox contributor, trying to sort of make some point about media representation of black people. But all he ends up saying is that BLACK WOMEN ARE ANGRY AND DOMINEERING ALL THE TIME. It's kind of sad, actually, how he accidentally said the opposite of what he was maybe trying to say? But in valiantly trying to talk about race, the newsmedia generally just reduces everything to a series of offensive cliches and stereotypes, as the Daily Show clip demonstrates. It's just odd that even though we hear so much about how aggrieved Michelle Obama is, she always comes off as nicer and calmer than, uh, Andrea Peyser.