On yesterday's episode of Charlie Rose, Endeavor superagent and frequent HuffPo-contributing gripe-haver Ari Emanuel joined his two equally accomplished siblings—Rahm, an Illinois Congressman, Ezekiel, a National Institutes of Health bioethicist—for a roundtable entitled, "A discussion about healthcare with Ezekiel, Ari, and Rahm Emanuel." Asked by Rose how he ended up in the comparatively glamorous arena of entertainment, the Endeavor head explained how he considers himself not so much a Hollywood agent as a showbizethicist, taking on only those artists whose work can elicit some societal change.

Clients like Aaron Sorkin—whose tragically short-lived observational masterwork, Studio 60, managed in one short season to get Americans thinking as much about blacklisted WGA veterans and U.S. foreign policy in Afghanistan as it did about the serious-minded process of unfunny-sketch-show mounting. But while Emanuel is quick to deflect his accomplishments in favor of those of his higher-profile clients, we'd suggest no one has affected more positive change than Ari himself, his battered Prius the pace-car for the entire Hollywood conscience derby.