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Nevermind the multiple witnesses to Broadcom co-founder Henry Nicholas' drug and prostitute habit. Nevermind the $2 billion restatement of earnings by Broadcom over backdated stock options. Dr. Henry T. Nicholas, still worth $2 billion himself while staying at a $60,000 plus substance abuse treatment clinic in Malibu under bond has plead not guilty to the charges listed in various federal indictments. A jury trial will commence on July 29th, with Nicholas joining co-founder Henry Samueli, former CFO William Ruehle and general counsel David Dull as defendants possibly taking the stand to describe their logical actions as sober and conscientious executives just doing their fiduciary duty to shareholders. I hate to try people outside the judicial system, but seriously, does anyone see any consequence beyond the lightest "club fed" sentence for these guys if found guilty?