"This emphasizes the blackness, nothingness and eternal nature of death." No, not Philip Larkin's poetry, the last frame of the last episode of the HBO mafia drama The Sopranos. Some enterprising blogger went all Warren Commission on the celluloid and decided that Tony was in fact whacked and that this was tied existentially to the war on terror, The Godfather, cold cuts, and more. The chapter headings alone of his pictorially outfitted thesis should command a doctorate from the Duke English Department.

Part I: How David Chase killed Tony Soprano: A look at the directing and editing in the final scene and the "Never hear it Happen" concept laid out by David Chase. Plus a closer look at why the other theories about the end just don't hold up.

Part II: What does Tony's death mean? How the themes of the final season and all 86 hours of the show lead to a family dinner in a small diner in New Jersey.

Part III: The Symbology of Holsten's.

Part IV: The final season and "The Godfather".

Part V: How 9/11, terrorism and the U.S. war in Iraq unlock the keys to the final scene in Holsten's.

Part VI: Miscellaneous "Fun Stuff" that could only be created by David Chase.

Part VII: "The Public Enemy" and "Goodfellas" influence on the end of The Sopranos.

[The Sopranos: Definitive Explanation of "The End"]