In this week's New Yorker, Ben McGrath profiles Mayhill Fowler, the woman who became famous for fifteen minutes after crashing the private party at which Obama let slip his infamous "bitter" comment about angry white proles with guns (but she supports him!). She then doubled-down for a full half hour after she stealthily taped Bill Clinton calling Vanity Fair's Todd Purdum a "scumbag." All in a day's work for a plucky citizen journalist, "who is sixty-one, with frosted gray hair and gold jewelry, spent the previous three decades as an aspiring writer and the stay-at-home mother of two daughters." Three decades as an aspiring writer, you don't say. Well, tenacity's a dying virtue, as is full disclosure in business practices. A reader at TPM Cafe muckrakes the muckraker:

When Mrs Fowler isn't sneaking into private fundraisers with recording devices, and writing provocatively negative blogs about candidates she supposedly supports, she busies herself with a little operation called "Odysseus Cruising", a company owned by five private investors in the U.S. and E.U. The owners of Odysseus Cruising share a 75 foot yacht which they rent out to wealthy travelers who want to cruise the Greek Isles and Turkish Coast.

Mrs. Fowler owns the domain name Odysseus Cruising and lists them as her employer. So it's rather odd that Mayhill Fowler appears in the website's "guest book" where she raves about her cruise experiences and promises to "be back next year!". Her daughter, Caroline, also lists her praise in the guest book comments. Evidently, pretending to be someone you're not runs in the family.

That's one fewer name left in the list for Drudge's boat.

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