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Henry Nicholas, the cofounder and former CEO of telecom chipmaker Broadcom, gave $2.5 million to a crime-victims charity, and $3.5 million to defeat a 2004 bill that would have weakened California's "three strikes" law that doles out life sentences to multiple felony offenders, motivated by the death of his younger sister Marsalee Nicholas at the hands of evil drug dealers. This was after the alleged drink-spiking, border-crossing, threats-making, and hush-money paying episodes in his life federal prosecutors detailed in the charges on which Nicholas is due to be arraigned tomorrow. Now that the story has hit the New York Post the clock is ticking on an hour-long teleplay for one of the Law and Order franchises. The nominations from our casting call have been made and seconded, so take our poll and decide if Daniel Day-Lewis, Viggo Mortensen or Nicholas Cage should attach themselves to the project.

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