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It's not so cool being a socialite, according to this Reuters article, which observes that women like Tinsley Mortimer and Fabiola Beracasa would rather be known as "designers" or "social activists" than by the S-word, which conjures up images of Paris Hilton. How this constitutes news isn't clear, although it follows a piece by William Norwich in this month's Vogue (not online, summary here) in which Lauren Remington Platt says she doesn't go out anymore (we're guessing last weekend was an exception?) and Maggie Betts blames the decline of the socialite on the economy and overexposure from the Internet. (It's probably worth noting that it was Maggie's dad who did more than anybody to insure George Bush got elected, so if she's looking for people to blame for the recession, well, she knows who to talk to.) But the worst thing about the Reuters piece? It lumps Tinsley and Fabiola in the same category as Devorah Rose, which may very well have sent the Tinz into a tizzy this morning.