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With what new angle could a reporter possibly respond to the all-encompassing, all-powerful juggernaut that is the Gossip Girl publicity machine? Given that the actors who play Blair, Serena, Jenny, Dan, Chuck, and Nate are about neck and neck media attention-wise with the presidential candidates, you wouldn't think there'd be many. You would, course, be wrong: Today's story is about how the dining and drinking haunts frequented by the characters, like Geisha on East 61st Street and Gilt at the Palace Hotel, are pulling in business from viewers who want to order the same dishes and sit at the same table. "We have men in their 50s asking for the grilled cheese sandwich and asking where Blair and Serena sat,'' says The Palace. Mmm, creepy. But presumably they also get teenagers ordering cocktails and expecting not to get carded—because Chuck and Blair never do!