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You may recall that back in July, social scenester Arden Wohl was arrested in East Hampton after she allegedly stole a few items from the Ralph Lauren outpost in East Hampton and printed words "Ralph Lipshits" [sic] in red lipstick on the exterior of the store. She was given a court date of August 28 to answer for her crimes, which of course was last week. So what happened to the headband-obsessed party-goer and filmmaker? Will she spend the next year in jail, the maximum sentence for such unspeakable acts? The jury is still out, so to speak! We checked in with the Suffolk County district attorney's office, and a spokesperson tells us that the case was adjourned, and another date will be set so that Arden can finally face the music in village court. It's very doubtful she'll have to do any hard time, though; the worst part may be that now the summer season is over, she'll have to make a special trip to the East End later this fall to answer the charges. Now that would be a total pain, wouldn't it?