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You know what there's a real gap in the market for in the current economic climate? A book telling people how to give away their spare cash! So it's no surprise that Kate Lee, the canny ICM agent who rose to prominence by spotting the commercial potential of bloggers—like Elizabeth Spiers, Doree Shafrir, and Glenn Reynolds—has brokered 77-year-old Canadian billionaire Charles Bronfman's book deal. The brother of Edgar Sr. and uncle of Edgar Jr. will co-author a book titled The Art of Giving: Where the Soul Meets a Business Plan, billed on Publishers Marketplace (subscription required) as "a guide for individuals of all ages and incomes on how to determine their emotional and financial relationships with philanthropy." Who knows, maybe by the time it comes out in December '09, some potential readers will have enough money to need help with which charities to donate to.