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Some folks aren't all that happy that Michael Bloomberg has yet to decide whether he's going to try and revise the city's term limit laws and seek a third term as mayor, or find something else to do with his vast wealth and influence when his term runs out next year. So who's unhappy, exactly? All the people who were planning to run themselves, until the mayor mucked up their plans and suggested he might not be opposed to changing the law and serving out another term.

Among the complainers: William Thompson, the city's comptroller, who is now instructing the mayor to end the "charade"; and Christine Quinn, the City Council speaker and a mayoral hopeful herself. They're not the only ones who are unhappy. Since Bloomberg's decision to pursue another term will impact the political landscape of the city, Bill de Blasio, John Liu and David Weprin are all voicing their frustration and suggesting it's time Mike makes up his mind. Don't they realize how difficult it is to make such weighty career decisions? Especially since it will be at least eight more weeks before the mayor knows whether he's up for a cabinet position or not.

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