We don't know Keith Gessen and haven't read his book (and never will!), and obviously we're biased because Gawker turned us evil and we like Choire (and Emily!) but he has a very important essay (THE MOST IMPORTANT TUMBLR RANT OF OUR TIME) that he tumble logged about how people need to stop being mean to him because THEY ARE WHORES INFECTED BY THE STAIN OF WRITING GOSSIP and HE WRITES ABOUT CANCER, CANCER GODDAMMIT. Also stop calling him a blinkered, privileged asshole because that is EXACTLY WHAT REPUBLICANS DO and also, and we quote: "Everyone went to the same six schools. Everyone has dated everyone." It's funny because it is insanely incorrect! Oh my god we haven't even gotten to the worst part.

But it has nothing to do with the internet. It has nothing to do with "everybody." Remember the old slogan, Choire-my sister had it on the back of her leather jacket when we drove cross-country in 1991-"Queers take back the night"? Well, we're taking the internet back from you people. You've mucked it up something good.

TAKE BACK THE INTERNET!! From "you people," which means, specifically, Choire and Nick Denton. (Or maybe it is not "specific" at all!) Keith Gessen is going to reclaim the internet FROM THE GAYS.


Choire and Emily [Keith Gessen Blog via YM]

[Key: Keith Gessen is the editor of n+1, an important literary journal, and the author of some novel about dudes trying to get laid. He used to date Emily Gould, a former Gawker editor. Former Gawker editor Choire Sicha wrote a story about how men are terrible novelists these days. Nick Denton is the publisher and acting managing editor of Gawker, a media gossip site that has devoted a bit of ink to the relationship of Gessen and Gould, which has upset both of them. Your day editor sincerely likes everyone involved, except Gessen, who seems like a tool.]