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Google CEO Eric Schmidt shared his deep thoughts in a conversation with the New Yorker's Ken Auletta, and's Dan Farber was there to transcribe the sermon. Shareholders might be a little surprised by statements like "Our goal is to change the world. Monetization is a technology to pay for it." But the real nut is how Google executives have been slowly backing away from the company's "Don't be evil" pledge.

"Don't be evil" is misunderstood. We don't have an evil meter ... the rule allows for conversation. I thought when I joined the company this was must be a joke. I was sitting in a room in first six months ...talking about some advertising...and someone said that it is evil. It stopped the product. It's a cultural rule, a way of forcing the conversation especially in areas that are ambiguous.

In 2006, Schmidt actually talked about an "evil scale". But now? Nothing even that hard and fast. See, it's not a rule like "no blade scooters in the hallways." It's more of a guideline. Or a punchline.