After seeing Kate Hudson's appearance on Conan last night, we have a feeling that her surfer-haired son Ryder is destined to be quite the Hot Perv On Campus. Apparently that whole birds and bees discussion that every parent dreads has not only started far earlier at Casa Hudson than most households, but little Ryder is already pursuing an advanced degree in female anatomy by studying his mom's breasts. And after hearing what life was like for Kate as a kid living with kooky king and queen of long-term unmarried celebs Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, we’re not surprised that the 9-year old Ryder is already “obsessed” with things like boobies and the all-important, very profound question of why everyone “rubs up against each other.” The premature nympho chatter around Kate’s house makes perfect sense — Goldie and Kurt were those kinds of parents. Hear for yourself after the jump.

You see, when Kate was just a wee one herself, Kurt and Goldie's idea of maintaining an "honest household" was to blab and on about how incredibly awesome their sex was. Oddly enough, picturing the young and horny Goldie and Kurt going at it is far less disturbing than trying to figure out how Ryder knows so much about this "rubbing" business. Is Kate leaving the door open during her dalliances with rumored paramour one ball wonder Lance Armstrong? Has Owen Wilson reenacted the events which led to his Butterscotch Stallion nickname? Either way, we have a feeling that we'll be seeing young Ryder wreaking havoc on the Young Hollywood dating scene in no time flat.</ p>