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What appears to be a very highbrow and British tale about the split between Atonement director Joe Wright and his (now ex) fiancée, the strawberry blonde stunner Rosamund Pike, instead sounds like a neuroses-filled, laugh track-accompanied episode of classic Seinfeld material. Wright and Pike got engaged this past September, having met on the set of Pride & Prejudice, but due to calamitous series of unfortunate events involving wedding invitations, photos of the pair in a hot tub, and late night lap dances, the previously boring but gorgeous couple are making headlines for an engagement gone suddenly and horribly wrong. Details on the sordid, beyond comical story after the jump.

Just to get you more acquainted with this atypically hot British couple, Pike first turned heads as the more demure and elegant Bond girl to Halle Berry's infamous orange bikini-wearing, Brosnan-bedding Jinx in Die Another Day, and Wright is the Joaquin Phoenix lookalike BAFTA winner whose two big-budget directorial efforts both earned wide critical acclaim (Atonement and P&P). If any pair deserved to usurp Posh 'n Becks from their Power British Couple pedestal, our vote would have gone to these two. But sadly, as the Daily Mail reports, silly Rosamund made the mistake of sending out hundreds of wedding invitations decorated with a not so proper image:

"'The invitations featured a picture of them together in a hot tub,' says a pal. Joe dumped her for sending them without consulting him and she had to tell all the guests the wedding was off.'"

While Rosamund has reportedly been "devastated" following the abrupt break-up, Wright has put on his best bad cad hat and spent his time with strippers and lap dancers. But Pike should really look on the bright side: sources say Wright's racy evenings as a bachelor are taking place at "his regular lap-dancing club," and a strip club where he's "a regular...all the dancers know him." Better off without him right, Rosamund? Sort of? Yeah, he really is far too good-looking for even that bit of info to help.

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