Until today, we'd tried our best to give Mutt Williams, aka Shia LaBeouf, the benefit of the doubt. Yes, he's kind of annoying and bordering on overexposure, but we thought there were at least two good reasons why he acts the way he acts. Not only did he used to be a hot-dog selling carnie, but his vagabond dad was fond of attempting to murder him during heroin-induced fits. Taking this into consideration, we thought it would be the right thing to do to cut the young man some slack. But after watching this video clip of Shia and witnessing what happens after he does a few too many tequila shots, we're left wondering if all the sob stories about being fed marijuana at age 11 can convince us to forgive this particular display of Frat Boy antics. Is our beloved Shia really just a borderline homophobic kid who can't shake his Echo Park upbringing no matter how many glossy magazine spreads he appears in? Judge for yourself after the jump.

After watching the video several times, it seems that Shia appears to call his taller friend a "faggot" and then begs the friend to smack him (which, frankly, is what we wish Ryan Phillipe would've done to Jay Leno). Which he feebly does, prompting a smile and hug from Shia. The whole scene eerily reminds us of what life must have been like for Ryan on The OC in Chino before he was rescued by Peter Gallagher and his warm and fuzzy eyebrows. But despite LaBeouf's offensive behavior, we can't but help giving — spoiler alert! — the son of Indiana Jones Shia is merely a victim of manipulative friends. Just as the clip ends, a bitchy girl's voice is overheard saying, "I need that video." Yes, meaning she needs about five grand from TMZ in order to buy whatever stupid designer bag she's been eyeing lately. Still, this does not excuse the careless dropping of homophobic slurs by the man Graydon Carter appointed as the Future Tom Hanks. While it's important for the young actor to broaden his appeal, it's not worth catering to the redneck crowd in order to do so.