We tried to explain that Barack Obama's exchanging of respect knuckles with his lovely wife was NO BIGGIE, but in writing about it, all we really did was add to the deluge of maddening idiocy. The most repellent reading comes, of course, from Fox News, who actually ask if perhaps the fist-bump was "a terrorist fist jab." Then they bring on a body-language expert to analyze what is a modified high-five, people. WE WARNED YOU. So let's watch E.D. Hill and her legs explain what that crazy threatening fist thing was!

The "body-language" expert admirably attempts to explain the crazy gesture in a reasonable way, and E.D. basically ignores her. It's odd, to us, that E.D. skipped calling the gesture "black" and went straight to "terrorist," but Fox's modus operandi usually involves less straight-up domestic racism and more generalized fear of The Foreigner.

(Courtney Hazelett, take note! No one would've gotten on your case if you'd just criticized Spike Lee for hating America, not for being uppity.)

[Via MediaMatters]